Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome to my Photo Blog

Hello my name is Harry A. Haryanto aka Harry Who,  a San Jose and Bay Area Wedding,  Family and Newborn Portrait Photographer catering the Bay Area &  Northern California,  and available for Destination Weddings across the US and Internationally.

I love being around people;  so babies,  children and adults are all my favorite subjects.  I love documenting people's life.  Animated and Spontaneous people?  I love them.  Most of all,  I love taking emotional pictures;  the ones that give me the goosebumps while taking them behind the camera.  Through this process,  I also learn new things about life as well ...... about love,  passion,  friendship,  and what makes people tick and sets them alive.  So the answer would be yes,  I do take Photography pretty seriously.

This blog serves as a showcase for my work.   Please scroll down my blog to view favorite pictures that I have taken recently.  To view the older posts please look on the right column just below this post,  where you can find links for those Archived posts all the way back to 2007.  Or hit the link that says  "Older Posts"  on the bottom of the screen.  You can also navigate by clicking the links located the right column of the screen.

Please feel free to leave comments located below each post as I would like to hear from you.  Any questions?  Please write me an email to harry@harrywhophotography.com.

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If you need more information you can visit my website at Harry Who Photography.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nashville Shoout

I have just returned from Digital Wedding Forum Convention in Nashville, where I spent almost a week with the most talented Wedding Photographers from around the world. Amazing speakers such Jerry Ghionis, Cliff Mautner, Kevin Kubota, Gene Higa and Amy Deputy helped photographers like me to recognise our own style and niche. What an experience. I arrived a day before the convention to join with 35 other great photographers to shoot models around Nashville. The group was organized by Nashville's own Commercial, Fashion and Wedding Photographer - Chuck Arlund. We've had a great time shooting and here are some samples from the shootout. It is amazing that we all had different compositions and style. I just love that.

Peter and Kim

Masaye's Bridal Session

Molly's Family